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Goldberg: 7-1 Odds Against Having Turkey Sandwich for Lunch

By Ima Couch

Goldberg News Service Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) – National Review Online editor-at-large Jonah Goldberg gives himself 7-to-1 odds against having a turkey sandwich for lunch, an assessment that conflicts with his recent pronouncements about how excited he is to have “leftover turkey in the fridge.”

Earlier today, Goldberg said “I’m so psyched for a turkey sandwich today.” But just hours later told GNS he would give it only “7-to-1 odds” that he would actually go for it, saying that he was out of mayo and he’d forgotten that there was cold pizza “hidden” behind the milk.

Goldberg outlined his decision-making process to GNS: After looking around the icebox he will decide whether it’s worth having a sandwich with mustard instead or going to the store for more mayonnaise. If he does go with the mustard, he says he’ll need a really good cheese to offset it. “Maybe if we still have some of that Jarslburg,” Goldberg mused as he stood by the refrigerator with the door open. “Look, I really like pizza too. I can have turkey tomorrow.”

He said he will talk about his decision process later this afternoon while watching TV on the couch.