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From a reader:

I’m a long time reader of both the Corner and Andrew Sullivan’s blog. Sullivan’s blog this weekend has been entertaining, to say the least. In one weekend, he has completed reversed his arguments on experience needed to be President, a candidate’s personal life as an appropriate subject in an election and just about any reason he had to vote for Obama in his analyses of the Palin pick. I’ve watched him twist his arguments to further his causes before, but this has been nothing short of breathtaking.

My question is, can Sullivan be taken seriously as a pundit anymore? I really enjoy reading the guy when he wrote about government from a conservative perspective. However, at this point I can’t see him as anything other than a total Obama partisan. His blog’s purpose has gone from discussing politics from a conservative perspective to simply trying to get Obama elected. I can’t see any other explanation for his recent contradictory posts. Conspicuously absent from his blog have been any posts devoted to analyzing Obama’s policy proposals – e.g. can we really pay for everything that Obama is promising in domestic entitlements by simply taxing “the rich” a bit more? It’s simple questions like this one – and the answers may even be in Obama’s favor – that have no place in his posts anymore. Instead, we get vacuous posts praising Obama’s rhetoric and oratory skills. It’s been sad, actually, because he is a really intelligent guy. I’m amazed he has allowed himself to lose all his credibility as a conservative writer simply to get Obama elected.

Update: From a reader:

Dear. Mr. Goldberg,

I’m also a regular reader of Sullivan.  I’ll agree with your

correspondent’s comments.  I’ll also addthat Sullivan is increasingly in

the habit of quoting you and others in a highly misleading, if not

outright false, manner.  I’ll make one other observation about

Sullivan.  He rigidly refuses to look at history for any insight into

the issues of the day.  Henry Ford once said, “History is bunk” and

Sullivan’s blog shows he shares that belief.  This is the largest single

reason why I’ve always considered Sullivan to be a very conventional


Me: Yes and I know.  


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