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This Just in: Morris and Toomey Join Nr ‘Post-Election’ Cruise!

Homey smokes!–great news! Conservative stalwart Congressman Pat Toomey and political guru and author Dick Morris (also a sometime NR & NRO contributor) will be joining our already primo panel of speakers on the National Review 2004 Post-Election Cruise, more info about which can be found here.

Have we got a grand-slamming line-up: Morris and Toomey join the likes of Islam expert Bernard Lewis, NRO all stars Victor Davis Hanson and John Derbyshire, Republican National Committee chairman Ed Gillespie, Club for Growth boss Steve Moore, columnist supreme Michelle Malkin, thinking-big-thoughts author Dinesh D’Souza, military and security expert John Hillen, The National Interest editor John O’Sullivan, as well as NR editors Rich Lowry, Jay Nordlinger, and last but no-way-in-Hades least Ramesh Ponnuru.

You’ve got to be there. Never mind the wonderful cruise that awaits you; the panel sessions alone (where current events, the elections, their fallout, and so much more will be discussed) are worth the price of admission.

And as cruises go, that price is oh-so-low: faress for luxurious cabins on Holland America’s glorious Zuiderdam starting as low as $1,549 a person (just $1,899 for a luxurious “single”).

How can you not join us?! Sign up now, while there are still cabins available!

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