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Just Say No to Bogus Race Laws

Another point about the new Pew intermarriage study I mentioned in the previous post. The author’s analysis of intermarriage was limited by the inevitable fact that she was working with Census Bureau data, which uses the categories enshrined by our race laws. But what phony categories they are! Apparently, it’s “intermarriage” when an American whose grandparents came from southern Italy marries an Argentine immigrant whose grandparents also came from southern Italy, but it’s not “intermarriage” when someone of Bengali origin marries a Korean. And if we’re talking about inter-ethnic as well as inter-racial marriage (the report conflates the two, as is common), then wouldn’t this kind of analysis also have to look at the increased incidence of marriages between people of, say, Irish and Polish origin and between, say, a Ghanaian immigrant and an old-stock black American? Beyond the profound immorality of race laws in general, isn’t it absurd that ours are almost completely untethered to any biological, cultural, or social reality?


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