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That Just Shows How Sneaky They Are

Michael Goldfarb puts it well:

The Hill went and asked members of Congress whether they’d been “lobbied” by the “Lobby” on the appointment of Charles Freeman. Unlike the New York Times, the editors at the Hill felt compelled to ask the question before asserting the answer.

Here’s the Hill story. It turns out that most of the folks in Congress didn’t hear a peep from AIPAC. Either that, or they’re all lying. Indeed, I have little doubt that Stephen Walt and Charles Freeman think that just proves how powerful the Lobby really is. After all, who’s going to tell the truth when the Mossad has your family dog hanging over a vat of acid?

Still, I wonder what David Broder thinks. His column yesterday was remarkable in its complete acceptance of the Freeman line and the perfidy of the Lobby. Thankfully, it still had the smoldering sexual tension that Broder brings to just about everything.


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