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“Just Words?”

George Will has a nice column bolstering my criticism from yesterday.

It’s funny I spent much of yesterday swatting away twitter trolls complaining about my column (they were egged on by that Media Matters racket which lied — as is their wont –  about what I wrote). After dispelling all of the nakedly wrong interpretations of what I meant or wrote, liberals fell back on an ironic defense of the president. In effect, they argued, “Hey man, they’re only words. Why make such a big deal about it?”

I find this line of argumentation from liberals hysterical. Obama himself has spoken eloquently on the folly of dismissing rhetoric as “just words” (language he borrowed from Deval Patrick).

So when I take offense at Obama proclaiming, in front of Congress and the nation,  that America would be so much better if we simply acted like a single military unit, and liberals respond that I should lighten up because they’re just words, my only response can be: “Don’t tell me words don’t matter!”


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