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In Justice Prediction

From a reader:


Absolutely, In Justice won’t last a month. Absent all the politics, who can get behind such a premise as entertainment? It’s like watching a taped football game when you’ve already been told your team loses. Why exert the energy? Hey, next they might as well give us medical shows where the patients always die or comedies that make fun of the viewer.

As for the politics, I can already skech out the first few episodes, a) wrongfully convicted black man on death row, framed by southern police. b) pot user who was using to treat his cancer ridden mother but got caught on the wrong side of the state line or by the feds, c) hollywood generic arab man wrongfully convicted (by use of patriot act by evil FBI) of plotting terrorism, and d) some whistleblower at the White House is convicted of leaking files about a corrupt Rove lookalike.

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