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Justin Trudeau Lost the Popular Vote. Will Outrage Ensue?

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (CBC via Reuters)

North of the border, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party will form a new government despite being a minority that captured not even one-third of the nation’s votes (33.1 percent). Conservative leader Andrew Scheer must concede defeat despite his party having won 34.4 percent of the vote, or 240,000 votes more than Trudeau.

Will all of North America’s liberal opinion writers snap into action to denounce this abuse of the democratic process? Will we be seeing columns calling Trudeau the usurping Donald Trump of the Great White North? How many column-inches will be expended demanding that Canada rework its electoral institutions so that the more popular party can achieve power? How many hysteria-fueled think pieces will inform us that democracy has been abolished in Canada?


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