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Kathryn has poured her heart and soul into NRO over the years. NRO wouldn’t exist as we know it without her, and there’s no way to repay or to do justice to her devotion. Fortunately, as she says, she’s not going far. She’ll be in Washington and still be generating ideas, reaching out to authors, and serving–as she always has–as an all-purpose NRO entrepreneur and instigator. Although presumably with a little more sleep at night. Managing and editing the daily flow of copy will be left to me and her colleagues back here in New York. I’ve had the pleasure of watching Kathryn grow from an office assistant in Washington way back when to K-Lo today, known far and wide and treasured by all who appreciate all that she does for NR and the conservative cause. Through all her different roles here, there’s been one constant–I’ve always had cause to marvel at her energy, creativity, and determination. A true gem.


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