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Kaine: ‘They Should Really Focus on Doing a Healthy Number of Events Together’

Virginia senator Tim Kaine — whom, you may have forgotten, was Hillary Clinton’s running mate — has advice for the new Biden–Harris ticket:

KAINE offers interesting advice to HARRIS, via the Hill pool and CNN’s KRISTIN WILSON: “I think they should really focus on doing a healthy number of events together, because there’s a tendency — like, you want to do as many events as you can, so ‘you do your events, I’ll do mine, and then we can do more.’ But I think, I think the public likes to see the working relationship, what’s the working relationship going to be like, and from 2016, I always know that events that I did together with Hillary were more fun. I think they were more fun for me, they were more fun for her. And I think it’s a good thing to do. So I’m excited to see this one today in Wilmington, but that would be some advice to the ticket.”

Indeed, Joe Biden hasn’t done anywhere near the usual amount of events in recent months . . . because he turns 78 in November and there’s a contagious virus floating around out there that is particularly dangerous to the elderly.

Sure, Biden and everyone else can wear a mask and try to stand at least six feet apart, but his campaign isn’t even having him go to Milwaukee for the acceptance speech at the convention. That suggests they’re really concerned about Biden catching the coronavirus from interacting with the public, even in controlled environments.

The “healthy number” in the “healthy number of events together” is apparently a very low one.


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