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Kaku Imagines the World in 2100

In today’s Wall Street Journal, I have the Weekend Interview with physicist Michio Kaku. Fond of making predictions, Kaku describes to me what he thinks life will be like in 2100. Here’s a taste:

By 2020, the word “computer” will have vanished from the English language, physicist Michio Kaku predicts. Every 18 months, computer power doubles, he notes, so in eight years, a microchip will cost only a penny. Instead of one chip inside a desktop, we’ll have millions of chips in all our possessions: furniture, cars, appliances, clothes. Chips will become so ubiquitous that “we won’t say the word ‘computer,’” prophesies Mr. Kaku, a professor of theoretical physics at the City College of New York. “We’ll simply turn things on.”

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