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Kanye West’s 2020 Platform

Yeezy is here to shake up the presidential race. Talking to Forbes, Kanye West said he envisions running for president this year on a new party he calls “the Birthday Party” and promises to run the White House like the government of Wakanda in Black Panther. I certainly look forward to a gladiatorial fight between the principal candidates.

West also says he’s suspicious of vaccines (“the mark of the beast”), has never voted in his life, suffered a bout of COVID-19 in February, and is no longer a Trump supporter (“I am taking the red hat off, with this interview) but allows that “I like Trump hotels and the saxophones in the lobby.” West also says “Trump is the closest president we’ve had in years to allowing God to still be part of the conversation,” which might surprise George W. Bush a little. West is strongly pro-life and claims “Planned Parenthoods have been placed inside cities by white supremacists to do the Devil’s work.”

All in all, a pretty interesting candidacy. Read the whole interview.


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