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Kasich: ‘I’m Going to Be the Nominee’

CNN’s Michael Smerconish asked John Kasich if he would “personally get out of the race” if doing so was the “only way to deny Donald Trump the nomination.”

Kasich said no.

“I would never believe that I’m not going to be the nominee and there’s all kinds of reasons for me to believe it because you know what, I’m the last governor standing,” Kasich replied. “We’re gaining momentum both from a political and a financial perspective, and look, if I get head-to-head with Donald Trump in Ohio, I beat him by 18 points. So I believe that I’m going to be the nominee.”

Smerconish asked Kasich how he plans to win, considering that Kasich himself predicts Trump will sweep Super Tuesday.

“Well, look, we think we’re going to get delegates here and this thing will head north and I just explained to you that I’m going to beat Donald Trump in Ohio,” Kasich responded. “Once that happens, everything changes. Everything changes in this race.”

“Don’t worry about it,” he added. “We’re going to do fine.”


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