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A Theory of Kasich

In recent days, I’ve been having trouble containing bile toward John Kasich. (My own, I mean.) I know that people have a right to run for president. They have a right to compete. But what’s Kasich’s game? What’s he after? Does he want to deny Cruz the nomination? Does he want to be Trump’s running mate? Whassup?

I was discussing this was a colleague yesterday. Here’s my theory — nothing profound, but here it is: Kasich wants to be president. Nothing wrong with that. He always has. Nothing wrong with that either. He was in Congress for almost 20 years. He has now been elected governor of Ohio (big and consequential state). Twice. And he thinks he oughta be president. And can be president.

Plus, he hears tick tock. You know how it’s said of women that, if they are childless and are nearing a certain age, they hear tick tock? Well, so it is with politicians, or would-be presidents. If not now, when? (Apologies to Hillel.)

So, that’s my profound thought about the irritating and insufferable (from my point of view, just now) John Kasich.



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