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Katherine Q. Silly

Katherine Q. Seelye has a reasonable recitation of Kerry’s budget speech yesterday, until paragraph 9, when she comes a little unglued. Referring to yesterday’s Georgetown address and a previous budget speech in Detroit, she writes:

“Together, the two speeches — and Mr. Kerry’s long record of voting in favor of deficit-control packages — place him in the mainstream of Democratic Party orthodoxy and align him with conservatives who say Mr. Bush has allowed the deficit to spin out of control.”

How silly. Mr. Kerry will not be “aligning” with conservatives in any meaningful way on the federal budget. And his votes for “deficit-control packages” — that’s a euphemism for “tax hikes.” Anyone who believes that electing a Democratic president will lead to reduced federal spending — and I don’t mean a reduction here, canceled by an increase over there, but an overall reduction in the level of federal spending — is a very silly American.

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