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Kathleen Sebelius

The Kansas governor’s picture has been up on Drudge since yesterday afternoon as a possible Obama veep choice. Barack Obama will not choose her unless he wants to officially declare the Democratic party the Party of Death (Hat Tip to Ramesh, who did not call the Democratic party the party of death, but if that’s the Change You Can Believe in that The One wants to offer ….). What’s the Matter with Kansas is that Planned Parenthood seems to operate like a political machine there (just ask Phill Kline). And Barack Obama doesn’t need that kind of attention — a running mate who held a reception for George Tiller last year at the governor’s residence.

In response to buzz that she might be under consideration, Robert Novak called her the “Vice President for Abortion.” The President for Infanticide might not want that if he actually wants to be president.


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