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Kaufman: RNC Still in Shock

Ron Kaufman, the Republican national committeeman for Massachusetts, tells National Review Online that most people on the committee are still processing the fact that Chairman Michael Steele is unlikely to be reelected.

“Most members of the committee two months ago believed that Steele would get reelected,” says Kaufman. “It’s just gelled in their minds in the last couple of weeks that he won’t get reelected.” Accordingly, they need more time to consider their options. Kaufman compares the RNC to the College of Cardinals: “It takes a while for them to get over the shock of the pope’s death before they pick a new one.” For his part, Kaufman says he wants “change on the committee” but has yet to endorse a candidate.

Asked about recent revelations that Wisconsin GOP chair Reince Priebus’s law firm helped clients lobby for stimulus funds, Kaufman replies, “I think that has no bearing.”


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