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A New Blue Checkmark

In response to Liberals’ Irritable Mental Gestures

Jonah writes:

An even better example of what I’m talking about came this afternoon during the Kavanaugh hearings. An attractive woman sitting behind Kavanaugh, Zina Bash, after hours of sitting quietly behind the Supreme Court nominee managed to touch two fingers together to make a kind of “Okay” symbol. She’s a Mexican-American descendent of Holocaust survivors.

For a shockingly large number of people, the most obvious interpretation of this “gesture” is that she was flashing a “white supremacy” signal. Here’s one headline that came up at the top of Google News when I search for her first name: “White Supremacy Is Front And Center At Brett Kavanuagh’s Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing.

Countless frenzied tweeters, including many with Blue Checkmarks, immediately bought the idea that the Nazi cabal allegedly behind the Trump administration was literally behind its Supreme Court nominee.

It strikes me that this “frenzy” has thrown up its own form of “Blue Checkmark,” in that if you took this charge at face value, or in any way engaged in its proliferation, we know for certain that we never have to take you seriously again.

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