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Kean Unhinged

From “Meet” yesterday:

MR. RUSSERT: Governor Kean, you said Americans are not going to be as safe. Do you believe if we don’t pass this bill now, you, in effect, are risking lives?

MR. KEAN: I think you could put it just that way, yeah, because we know there’s another attack coming. You and I can’t say if it’s next week or six months from now. But it’s coming. And unless we take steps now–and 80 percent of the American people want this bill passed. Unless we take these steps now, it’s going to be the new Congress going to come in; there are inefficiencies in the way the new Congress organizes, always. It’s going to take at least six months. So six months where none of these things will happen: not better security at the borders, not more help for local people, nothing. Nothing. And I don’t think we can wait that long, and I think it does, in essence, risk lives.

ME: Doesn’t he realize his side is OPPOSING more measures to secure the border and our immigration system?


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