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Keating Loyalist See Reagan!

From a former aide to Frank Keating, from gubernatorial days:

I can assure you that he has one fundamental and very vital thing in common with Ronald Reagan: He gets the big picture and thinks in broad themes. He also has the same endearing quality RR had, a willingness to listen to his staff and a natural geniality that goes far in an age of contentious politics. Actually, he is the truest Reaganite to be mentioned in connection with the 08 race so far, with the possible exception of Newt, given his extensive service in the Reagan administration and his consistency on key issues like tax cuts to drive economic growth and the conservative social agenda. He’s very close to Jack Kemp (he was his deputy at HUD) with similar gravitas on the key issues. Plus, he made a lot of friends in the ranks of Catholic lay people in chairing the sexual abuse panel, from which he wisely walked away when he saw that too many in the church’s upper reaches were simply not taking the mess seriously enough. He has what Rudy brings to the table – experience in leading the way through the aftermath of a brutal terrorist attack.  Finally, his wife is major league FLOTUS material. He may or may not go, but if he does, don’t be surprised to see him do very well in early debates.


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