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Keep The Bars Open

From a reader:

Wonder if anyone can top this one…

I’m in Newport News, Virginia. I head to my designated polling place, and got there a half hour or so before the 6AM start time. Already about 50-60 folks in line. Ended up standing pretty close to the ‘no more campaigning’ cut off line, right next to the Republican and Democratic tables passing out literature.

One woman in line asked if the school where we were voting was open of closed today. The Republican campaigner offered up that all the city schools are closed, because most are polling places. The guy right in front of me asked ‘well are the bars closed today also?’ No one seemed to know for sure, but the conversation came to an absolute halt when the Democratic campaign worker, a guy that looked to be in his 70s, sporting a Kerry/Edwards button piped up with –

“if they were it’d be a shame, cause you’d have to be about half drunk to vote for my candidate”

Several people in line agreed with his general observation, but it was so disorienting that nobody burst out laughing immediately.