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Another email on Huck v. Paul:

Mr. Goldberg, you forget one thing:

even if 99% of Republicans want Huckabee and only 1% want Paul, if the majority of the people who want Paul actually went out and voted in the primaries, and most the Huckabee supporters didn’t, then Paul would win.  So even if 99% said they want Huckabee, if they simply did not go out and vote, yet Paul’s supporters did, then Paul would win.  Notice, Jonah, how Paul supporters are willing to vote in the actual straw polls, and how Ron has won most of them.  Notice how Paul supporters are willing to travel across country just to see him speak, to even go shout out his name at rallies of other candidates!  Every time I see a Ron Paul rally, I see hundreds to thousands of people.  I have seen rallies for every other candidate on the Republican side yet their numbers are that which a pre-schooler can count.  Sorry Jonah, but the nominee will be the candidate who actually inspires his followers to go vote for him in the primaries.  Ron Paul is the only one who can do that.

Me: Uh-huh. 


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