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More Moving, More WFB Books to Be Had

Back in 1970, Bill Buckley edited a very popular collection: Did You Ever See a Dream Walking? — American Conservative Thought in the Twentieth Century. Then in 1988, along Charles Kesler as his wingman, that collection was revised and republished as Keeping the Tablets: Modern American Conservative Thought.

It’s a terrific book. We’ve got eight copies of the hardcover and 18 of the quality paperback, all in decent shape, all from WFB’s private stock. And since our pending move across town means that we can’t keep Keeping, we figured some of you might want one of the beauts. They’re big books, totaling 470 pages, and include essays from the likes of Sowell, Kirk, Kirkpatrick, Nock, Jaffa, Friedman, Hayek, Strauss, and many more giants of conservative thought. I’m thinking it’s kind of timely (and maybe worth . . . republishing; hmmmm).

Anyway, you can grab the hardcover for $22, and the paperback for $18, and that will include free shipping and handling.