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Keith Olbermann: Worst Theologian in the World

Keith Olbermann has found himself a new job: theologian. Last night he decided to go after Kirsten Powers on Twitter. No substantive debate, just insults such as, “Is she a Stepford blond or a Stepford brunette?” During the course of the insulting thread, he declared, “She’s on Fox. She’s going to hell.”

I didn’t expect this to transpire when I saw one of Kirsten’s sensible Twitter responses to Sandra Fluke’s speech last night, which apparently set off Olbermann:

She had a series of them that back in the day might have gotten her declared a “Worst Person in the World” like me and many of my good friends. Another:

Maybe someone ought to give a speech about how we have a president who can’t stand up to Keith Olbermann and denounce him for insulting a woman like Kirsten Powers. That, of course, would be cynical and insulting. Which was Kirsten’s point when she tweeted

The Dems last night were trying to recreate the fervor that anything involving Rush creates on the Left. Anything in order to obscure this: a radical administration, rewriting religious liberty, whose enthusiasms and priorities and understanding of just what constitutes basic women’s health care (at the expense of conscience rights) have been on garish display this week in Charlotte. 


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