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Some analytic points from Kellyanne Conway:

“The Disappearing Gender Gap: Senator Kerry posted just a 3% advantage (51%-48%) over President Bush among women, a significant difference from the 11-point margin for Al Gore over Mr. Bush in 2000.

Security Moms (married women with children who cite the war in Iraq or terrorism as the most important issue in deciding their vote) supported the President over Kerry by 18 points (59%- 41%, respectively).

Single women between the ages of 18-34 (aka “Single and Living It” Demographic) sided with Kerry over Bush by a 3-to-1 margin.

Men favored President Bush over John Kerry by nine points (54%- 45%), suggesting a new version of the so-called “gender gap:” the difficulty of Democrats in attracting male


Behind Every Good President is a Great First Lady. the polling company™, inc. found that 60% of American voters are proud to have Laura Bush as their First Lady for another four years. Mrs. Bush, a key asset to her husband’s re-election, enjoys tri-partisan respect, as voters of every political stripe say they would be mostly proud to give her “four more

years.” Both men and women voters, specifically Security Moms agree. Voters in rural and suburban America were among the First Lady’s biggest proponents.”


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