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Is the Kentucky GOP Balking on Rand Paul’s Caucus Plan?

Rand Paul is running for president, and wants to run for reelection to the Senate in 2016 as well. Kentucky law doesn’t allow a candidate’s name to appear on the ballot twice. Because caucuses involve party members expressing their support at local meetings, instead of casting ballots, Paul would not technically appear on the ballot twice if the state switched from a presidential primary to a presidential caucus. Paul asked the Kentucky GOP to make the switch, and the state GOP seemed largely amenable… 

But now, less than two weeks away from the decision deadline, state party leaders are publicly expressing worry about the funding of the caucus:

If Sen. Rand Paul wants a presidential caucus in Kentucky, state Republican Party leaders want to see the money to pay for it upfront.

Scott Lasley, chair of a special committee created by the Republican Party of Kentucky, said one of the latest conditions for approval of a state party rule change is that money for a caucus be secured before the GOP central committee decides the matter on Aug. 22.

If approved, the caucus would be on Saturday, March 5. Candidates would need 5 percent of the vote to qualify for delegates.

Either Rand Paul or the Kentucky state GOP need an infusion of cash really quick… or Rand Paul will have to choose between his presidential and senatorial bids.


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