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Kerry: Almost ‘100 Percent’ Chance Assad Will Use Chemical Weapons Again without Intervention

Secretary of State John Kerry is confident that Bashar Assad will use chemical weapons again if the United States doesn’t act. Representative Gerry Connolly (D., Va.) pushed Kerry and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel on what the likelihood was that the Syrian regime would make use of the weapons “routine” in order to win the country’s civil war.

Hagel and Kerry both agreed that they believe the probability that Assad would use the chemical weapons again was “very high”; Kerry went so far as to say he might even put it at 100 percent.” “You should go check the intel on it, I think you’ll be convinced, but I’d say probably 100 percent,” he said.

The secretary of state was less certain when asked about his estimation of whether chemical weapons could fall into the hands of groups such as Hezbollah. “I can’t give you that probability, I just don’t know what it is,” he told Connolly, warning that inaction could ultimately give Hezbollah access to chemical weapons because of its support for the Assad regime.


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