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Kerry, Berry, and The Bush Civil-Rights Record

John Kerry’s attack tonight on the Bush civil rights record could have been

taken verbatim from a 181-page political tract disguised as <A


interim report by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, Redefining

Rights in America-The Civil Rights Record of the George W. Bush

Administration, 2001-2004.

The Commission actually faulted the Bush Administration for allowing

“[i]mmigrants and visitors from Arab and Middle Eastern countries” to be

“subject to increased scrutiny, including interviews, registration and in

some cases removal” (pages ix-x) after 9/11.

Republican members on the Commission agreed that the October 5th release of

this report was not coincidental. Republican commissioner, Abigail

Thernstrom called the report “an election-driven document.”

The Commission’s chairman, Mary Frances Berry, responded by telling the

New York Times that she is “a true independent.” This “true

independent” endorsed <A

HREF=””>General Wesley Clark for

president on January 6, 2004.