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Tonight Kerry is looking for support, releasing a statement from retired Gen. Claudia Kennedy:

“Senator John Kerry has served our country with great distinction, both in the military and in the United States Senate. The men and women of our armed forces know they have a friend and tireless advocate in John Kerry. When it comes to Iraq, he’s right to stand up against baseless attacks, and right to keep fighting for a better course for our troops and our country.”

Also tonight, one observer raises a good point.  If indeed Kerry was trying to make a joke about Bush’s intelligence and Iraq, it seems likely that he has made the joke before on the campaign trail; campaigners tend to say the same thing over and over as they travel around the country.  Does anyone know of an instance in which Kerry used the if-you-don’t-study-you’ll-be-so-stupid-you-send-troops-to-Iraq line before?

Byron York — Byron York is is the author of The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy.

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