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Kerry: No Beignet in Every Pot

Hey since we’re all venting about Kerry & Co. I thought I’d share on my favorite little tidbits about the kind of man Kerry is. From John McCaslin’s Washington Times column, June 2, 2003:

Guard your beignets

It won’t be long before Washingtonians by the Suburban-loads steer for tony Nantucket where, if they’re lucky, they won’t share dinner with Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts.

Pull up a chair to the Chanticleer, a restaurant without peer its windows looking out on a garden of climbing roses and a carousel horse. Since its establishment 33 years ago, the popular French restaurant has remained under the same chef/proprietor, Jean-Charles Berruet, and his wife, Anne.

Yet with every world-renowned restaurant comes the “jilted diner,” as one well-known Washingtonian, who asks to remain anonymous, describes himself.

The Washingtonian and his large party had already placed their orders when who should stroll in for a quick bite to eat but Mr. Kerry and his charming wife, Teresa Heinz.

The Washingtonian ordered “Beignets of Cod Fish,” which takes time for the chef to prepare, and just when he thought his waiter had returned to serve him, he was told that the beignets suddenly were not available and perhaps he should try something else.

The patron thought it very odd that so much time had passed and now, just as his table was about to be served dinners, the supposedly world-class waiter was telling him the entree was no longer available.

It was during a chance encounter after dinner with the waiter that it was revealed that the Democratic candidate had actually “stolen” the beignets.

“Did you give my beignets to the senator?” the Washingtonian asked.

“Yes,” the waiter admitted.

“It seems the wait staff are under standing orders to get the senator ‘in and out’ in a most timely fashion,” says the Washingtonian, “and in this case he couldn’t wait for his beignets and was given the order already placed.

“The ‘Man of the People’ might end up at the White House,” the gentleman added, “and if he does the presidential kitchen staff had better take notice.”

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