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Kerry: No, ‘Iran Is Not Open for Business’

The U.S. stands firm in its sanctions on Iran after its most recent agreement with the the country despite President Hassan Rouhani’s claims to the contrary.

“Iran is not open for business, and Iran knows it’s not open for business,” the secretary of state assured CNN’s Jake Tapper. “We have made it clear to every other country that the sanctions regime remains in place.”

Kerry added that France and Turkey have been put “on notice” after commercial delegations from the countries visited Iran. “Nobody should doubt for an instant that the United States is prepared to enforce the sanctions that exist and all of our allies are in agreement that those sanctions are staying in place until or unless there is a deal,” he said.

When asked if Iran had got the better of the U.S. in the November agreement, Kerry rejected the notion. “Not in the least, not even by a close margin,” he said, describing the recent events as nothing more than posturing by the Iranians.


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