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Kerry Pushes for U.N. Treaty in Veterans Day Message

Secretary of State John Kerry used his Veterans Day remarks to push for the Senate to ratify the U.N. Disabilities Treaty. “Veterans fight for their fellow vets and measure commitment in actions, not just words,” he said in a press statement. ”That is another reason why I join Secretary Shinseki in urging the United States Senate to approve the Disabilities Treaty, so that our wounded warriors are able to work, travel, and live abroad with the same dignity and respect they enjoy at home.”

The treaty, which failed to garner the necessary votes for ratification last year, has drawn considerable criticism from conservative and homeschool groups, who say Senate ratification of the treaty would do little if anything to improve veterans’ ability to travel in other countries. The Senate Foreign Relations committee had a hearing on the treaty on November 5, and is expected to have another early next week. Rick Santorum has been a vocal opponent of ratification, and spoke out against the treaty on Fox News yesterday

“We don’t have to sign off on a treaty to show the world that we treat people with disabilities with more respect than frankly almost any other country in the world,” he said. ”And so there is no reason for us to do this, it is simply another way for us to shift responsibility out of the hands of individuals, families, communities, and local governments and give it to international bodies to review what we’re doing. That is not the right course for America.” 

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