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Kerry to Varela: “Drop Dead”

However noble in inspiration, some of the foreign policy dreams we have seen touted in recent years are just that, dreams, but ‘realism’ should never be used to kick in the teeth of the defenseless. This comes from an intriguing column by David Brooks:

“Sometimes in the unscripted moments of a campaign, when the handlers are away, a candidate shows his true nature. Earlier this month, Andres Oppenheimer of The Miami Herald asked John Kerry what he thought of something called the Varela Project. Kerry said it was “counterproductive.” It’s necessary to try other approaches, he added.

“The Varela Project happens to be one of the most inspiring democracy movements in the world today. It is being led by a Cuban dissident named Oswaldo Payá, who has spent his life trying to topple Castro’s regime. Payá realized early on that the dictatorship would never be overthrown by a direct Bay of Pigs-style military assault, but it could be undermined by a peaceful grass-roots movement of Christian democrats, modeling themselves on Martin Luther King Jr.”

Even if Kerry were right about the Varela project (I don’t think he is, but that’s a legitimate debate), why say what he said aloud?


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