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Kerry, The Victim. America, The Victimized.

How did Hillary Clinton get my e-mail address?!

From this morning’s Kerry campaign fundraising e-mail:

A year ago everyone had written Democrats off. The media had taken for granted the reelection of George Bush. Isn’t it fun to prove them wrong?

The Bush-Cheney campaign has blown $70 million on negative ads, but is still tied in the polls with John Kerry. Your work has sent a powerful message to George W. Bush and those who would reduce this campaign to a petty exchange of attack ads: we know what this election really means — and we won’t stop until we’ve won.

We need to make a “Miracle in May” happen and keep our momentum up. This ten million dollars is not just about money. It’s about showing the media, the Bush campaign, undecided voters, and the rest of the country, that the Kerry campaign is not a fluke and is going to win in November.

Please make a secure contribution by clicking here:

We all know the stakes in this election are incredibly high. If we win, we’ll have John Kerry in the White House leading America with the hope, optimism, and sense of common purpose that have always been at the center of America’s response to challenging times.

If they get their way, you and I will be living in an America governed not by our hopes, but by our fears. We’ll be living in an America where we see our freedoms diminished when they ought to be embraced, our rights restricted when they ought to be strengthened.

We’ll be living in an America that shrinks away from the political and economic challenges of the 21st century, rather than rising to those challenges and working together to meet them.

Don’t let Republicans create an America we won’t recognize.

The Kerry Spot has a warning about such claims.

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