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Kerry Vs. Taxes

Richard L. Novak of Des Moines (and son of Michael) has a contrarian view of the Club for Growth ad that ran in Iowa and an interesting take on why Kerry won there:

I saw this in the Washington Times [yesterday]–shows the Republicans don’t get it either. I have seen this and a number of other commercials–I was not particularly impressed with this commercial (I doubt many independent and democratic Iowans were either)–it is just one big stereotype rant. The

commercial, I think that did Dean in (as if he needed much help) was one

that Kerry ran showing a widow who speaks to the camera about raising

several children alone (after her husband died of cancer) on income of $28K

per year. The tag is that I support Kerry because he does not believe that

raising taxes on the middle class is the answer.

This commercial was perfect for him–it does not say he’s a tax cutter

(though based on some analysis I have seen, there are those that infer this)

nor does it directly say he’s going to raise taxes or that he is opposed to

tax cuts (which I believe he is inferring)–so he nails Dean as a tax and

spend democrat (he’s been railing against the Bush tax cuts incessantly) and

does not alienate those that are opposed to tax cuts. Very clever and I

think extremely effective. So the folks below got it part right–

advertising helped–but not the ad they are giving credit.

My 2 cents.

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