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Kerry’s Base

Jonah, I have to disagree with Mr. Oxblog on the unfairness of associating Kerry with Michael Moore and The chairman of the DNC is happily mugging at Moore’s DC premiere and applauding his movie as a campaign tool. Kerry has hired people away from for his campaign. He has distanced himself from neither group, nor from Gore’s MoveOn-sponsored “digital brownshirt” ravings. Meanwhile, Democrats quickly tied Bush I to his base of Buchanan and Robertson, who they thought were wild-eyed ideologues of hate. In every cycle, the media highlight the conservative base of the GOP and how the nominee will suffer from the “hard right” associations. Now, Kerry and Terry have to embrace every Moore fan and MoveOn bake-saler to keep some Naderites in their camp, and it’s not fair to point out the “hard left” base?

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