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Kerry’s More Macho

MRC’s Geoff Dickens notes that on last night’s Hardball, Lesley Stahl was asked if the Guard issue will hurt Bush, and she said:

“This campaign, because of 9-11, is going to be about which guy is the more manly, which is the more macho guy. And the idea that John Kerry went and fought in the war and was shot at and saved someone’s life gives him that. He’s Mister Macho. He’s the guy. And the President is going to have to be dealing with this problem. I keep thinking this is going to be a real bellwether. You’re gonna be able to tell whether Bush is gonna win or lose by whether that picture of him on the aircraft carrier and the jumpsuit turns into an object of ridicule for him, or if we still continue to think it’s attractive. If it becomes ridicule, he’s finished, you know?”

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