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Kevin Myers Follow-Up

A few days ago I noted the controversial article by Irish journalist Kevin Myers in Irish Independent, wondering aloud about the morality of helping African countries. Kevin’s a serious writer (and a very good egg so far as I’m concerned: he was scathing about the IRA terrorists when it was very dangerous for an Irish journalist to be so), and this is surely a nontrivial issue on which thoughtful people can take different sides.

Nothing daunted by the beating he’s taking from the PC establishment (including a possible prosecution — there’s no First Amendment in Ireland), Kevin has returned to the fray.

Since dear old Ireland can often enough resemble Lynch Mob Central on PC issues, I braced myself for the worst: and sure enough, in poured the emails. Three hundred on the first day, soon reaching over 800: but, amazingly, 90pc+ were in my support, and mostly from baffled, decent and worried people. The minority who attacked me were risibly predictable, expressing themselves with a vindictive and uninquiring moral superiority. (Why do so many of those who purport to love mankind actually hate people so?)


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