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Kevin Phillips, Again

I just listened to him being interviewed on NPR for a couple minutes. One caller phoned in to say that he’s tired of NPR’s love affair with Phillips and that if a rightwinger mouthed as many conspiracy theories as Phillips we’d call him a nut job. This was all, according to the caller, the sour grapes of an ex-Republican. Phillips responded smugly and then went on to say that plenty of Republicans are opposed to Bush. His list: Lawrence Walsh, John McCain, Scott Ritter and — in opposition to Bush’s father — Bill Safire. Phillips says Safire endorsed Clinton because he couldn’t stomach Poppa Bush’s support of Saddam before the war. If memory serves that wasn’t the reason Safire gave. It was about Bush’s dishonesty BCCI. I always assumed Safire was being dramatic in pursuit of a Pulitzer and I still do. Regardless, I’m fairly certain Safire’s on board with the current Bush. Citing Walsh and Ritter is a joke. As for John McCain, one wonders if Phillips is referring to the same John McCain who supported the war in Iraq and was recently seen campaigning for George W. in New Hampshire. I’m sorry, but how is Kevin Phillips not a hack?


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