The Corner

Kicking the Heath-Care Can

It was noted earlier that the Democratic health-care can might get kicked into 2010. Now that Christie has defeated Corzine, this is officially a bad election night for the Democrats, which raises the question of whether this kicks that can beyond the tenure of the Obama administration.  

Blue Dogs nervous about the trillion-dollar Pelosi bill or Harry Reid adding the public option to the Senate bill despite having insufficient votes to get it through committee will be even more nervous after tonight’s demonstration of the public mood. If scoring issues and other delays require the vote to take place in 2010, when members themselves are actually up for reelection, expect even more skittishness from the Blue Dogs. And if 2010 is a bad election year for the Democrats, as off-year elections often foreshadow, the Pelosi Democrats may not control the House schedule for the last two years of the presidential term.