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Below, Andy cited some hypocrisy from Romney on the matter of “crossing over” in primaries: A member of Party X votes in the primary of Party Y, perhaps to make mischief. Apparently, Romney did something funky in 1992.

How about a statement from last month? Here’s Rick Santorum:

“We want the activists of the party, the people who make up the backbone of the Republican party, to have a say in who our nominee is, as opposed to a bunch of people who don’t even identify themselves as Republicans picking our nominee. I don’t like that. I believe that states should only allow Republicans to vote in Republican primaries.

“It’s the Republican nomination, not the independent nomination or the Democratic nomination. If you’re a Democrat and you want to be a Democrat, then vote in the Democratic primary, not the Republican. If you want to vote in the Republican party, then become one.” (For an article, go here.)

Politics is an often shameless business, it’s true. Those looking for purity or perfect consistency are bound to be disappointed. But sometimes shamelessness goes off the charts.

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