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Kill that cliche!

I know it’s cliche day and all, but one cliche that Republicans following the senate races think has to be junked is the “firewall” of MO, VA, of TN. That “firewall” metaphor (I used it myself just hours ago, because it has become so ingrained) only works if you count MT and RI as gone, and Republicans think they are too close to do that. They also think they are still in the game in NJ, MD, and MI, where local X-factors run counter to the national environment (corruption, excellent African-American candidate, and weak economy in a Democratic-run state respectively). They point out that if Democrats were comfortable with where they are in MT, RI, NJ and MD, they wouldn’t be wasting their money there, but they are indeed spending there. For what it’s worth…

Also, in general, I’ll repeat what I said the other day about this election. It is very close, in this sense. How all the tight elections in the House and Senate–and there are lots and lots of them–tip at the end will make a huge difference. No one can say with any confidence exactly what is going to happen until the voters have spoken.