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Kindly Read the Article, Father

It seems Father Brendon Laroche, a popular Catholic priest, could not be bothered to read an article I wrote yesterday before taking to Twitter to criticize it:

The relative merits of conservative non-profits are not at issue here.

At issue is Father Laroche’s apparent unwillingness to read the piece he deems a “concession” to polygamists. If he had, I venture he would have affirmed its thesis: Granting polyamorous unions the same legal standing afforded to married couples is a natural extension of the logic used by Obergefell‘s majority. The Supreme Court was wrong to rule as it did in Obergefell, not least because it does not set forth a limiting principle to prevent the slide down this slippery slope into polygamy.

He should have read beyond the headline, as the article, in my estimation, lays out that premise plainly.

If Father Laroche thinks that conservative institutions have done more harm than good to our cultural inheritance, he’s free to make that case. But he ought not pretend that I’m making a “concession” to the cause of polygamous marriage when any faithful reader would conclude the opposite.



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