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King George

Frederica Mathewes-Green has a good piece on the new Curious George movie on the home page. (I wrote on Curious George for the Wall Street Journal last week.) She starts by pointing out how unnerving it is to see a version of Curious George that doesn’t exactly resemble the character in the books: “You’ll get used to it, but it’s startling at first, and entrenched fans of George may feel resentful; movie images tend to erase print ones.”

Even weirder are the movie tie-in books–i.e., kid books based on the movie which is based on kid books. Why not just read the classic originals? I suppose there’s a commercial incentive, but geez o’Pete.

On a semi-related matter, something tells me that I’m the only person in America this morning who downloaded both the new Curious George soundtrack (by Jack Johnson) as well as the new Electric Six album, Señor Smoke, a Detroit discopunk extravaganza.

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