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King: ‘I Was So Disgusted’ with House GOP Who Opposed Debt-Limit Increase

Members of the Republican caucus who voted against raising the debt ceiling in an effort to set up a potential repeat of last fall’s shutdown are “morons,” says Representative Peter King (R., N.Y.). “I was so disgusted by people in the Republican conference,” he told MSNBC on Wednesday.

King slammed several House Republicans for refusing to vote for the increase for political reasons, and said that John Boehner was being attacked unfairly for passing the measure with a majority of Democrat support. With several members refusing to budge from their position, King said, the speaker was left with no other choice.

“So many got up and said they knew they had to pass the debt ceiling, but they didn’t have the guts to vote for it, and they said they wouldn’t vote for anything, and that’s why he had to do what he did,” he explained. “[Boehner] was a real leader.”


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