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King: In Kenya, War on Terror Is Coming Full Circle

Representative Pete King of New York raised the alarm about yesterday’s deadly attack on a Western mall on Kenya yesterday, calling it a “very sophisticated attack” and saying that the organization that claimed responsibility, Somalia’s al-Shabaab, is an “extremely dangerous, very well-trained” organization that’s “one of the few al-Qaeda affiliates which actually has actively recuited here in the United States.”

“There’s 40 to 50 Somali Americans that have gone from the United States to Somalia to be trained,” he explained in an interview on ABC’s This Week.

Noting that one of the first major Islamist-terror attacks on an American target was the 1998 al-Qaeda bombings on two embassies also in East Africa, the Long Island Republican, known for his hawkish views, said, “It’s almost as if the terror war is coming full-cycle.”

Former Bush homeland-security adviser Fran Townsend noted later on that many of the Somali-Americans who’ve joined hail from one particular state, Minnesota, and that the FBI has been involved in closely monitoring the situation for a while.

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