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King’s Speech

Over on the home page, NRO interviews Rep. Peter King (R., N.Y.), the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, about his upcoming hearings on radicalization within the American Muslim community:

House Speaker John Boehner, King notes, is not blocking his efforts. But the New Yorker knows that he must tread with caution.

“Nobody from the leadership has said anything, so I’m just going ahead,” King says. “I have not gotten any opposition from them at all. I’ll be managing the hearing, so the responsibility is mine, to make sure there is no kind of religious bias or hostility toward Muslims. We are not going to be getting into interpretations of the Koran. Decorum will be important. I do not want anything said at my hearing that could justify someone throwing a brick at a mosque.”

King, a high-spirited and argumentative attorney, admits that he, too, will have to simmer down. “I can’t allow myself to say anything that would be misinterpreted,” he says. “I can’t be feeling sorry for myself if I give the mainstream media a sword to use against me; I can’t say something dopey, inane, or not based in fact, or lose my temper. We are going to keep this sensible. As long as this is done in a professional way, I know that I will have John Boehner’s support.”

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