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Kissing Cousin

More from our summer symposium, this time from Dinesh D’Souza:

If you could read or reread one classic this summer, what would it be? What are the odds you actually do?

Pascal’s Pensees. The best apologetic for Christianity, and not so well known.

Is there any recent book that’s made you want to buy copies for everyone you know and love? Did you actually make the purchases?

No. But Bernard Lewis’s Islam and the West should be distributed to Congress at taxpayer’s expense.

Are there any summer movies you’re looking forward to?

No. Maybe Hollywood is past its heyday, but can’t they at least make comedies as good as My Cousin Vinny?

Would you rather listen to John McCain’s convention speech or read Dick Morris’s new book?


Name one book we’re going to be shocked you read.

John Milton, Paradise Lost. About which Samuel Johnson wrote, “None ever wished it longer than it is.”

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