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Kissinger: Russia-Syria Deal ‘Could Be Quite a Good Outcome’

Former secetary of state Henry Kissinger offered a remarkably optimistic take on the chemical-weapons deal reached by the U.S., Russia, and Syria, saying “it could be quite a good outcome. If that becomes a basis for a transition in Syria . . . it will absolutely serve the interests of the world.”

CBS’s Bob Schieffer asked him whether he thought the Syrians would follow through on the deal, and Kissinger predicted, “They will comply with 90 percent of what they’re supposed to do. They may hold back a little, but the risk of holding anything back is very great.”

When asked how the U.S. can trust Russia as a fellow broker in the deal, Kissinger said, “You can trust the Russians to pursue their own interests” and Russia has evidently decided Syria giving up its stockpiles is in its interest.

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