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Kite & Key Launches

Our friends Troy Senik (better known as “the other guy who hosts a Victor Davis Hanson podcast”) and Vanessa Mendoza today have launched an important new website, Kite & Key Media. It is certain to prove of consequence, and deserves the attention of conservatives — and for that matter of anyone who is interested in, well, facts.

And doesn’t mind consuming wisdom via video: K&K’s purpose is to take important data and research and translate them into smart, well-produced, witty, baloney-free visual fare that will pass any sniff test for accuracy. It’s not about getting gotcha jollies: You watch, you learn.

One of the first videos K&K has produced takes on the inseparable relationship between lefty-vilified mining and clean energy (while also discussing America’s dependence on other nations for vital minerals, especially those key to national security). Watch it here:

Other videos being released today concern how housing can prove so expensive and whether cash has become an annoyance. Watch them here.

Be a mensch and follow K&K on Twitter @kiteandkeymedia (and while you’re at it, here are its Facebook and Instagram pages).


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